New To CBD?

New To CBD Oil? Here's What You Should Know.

Are you brand new to CBD oil? Did someone tell you about the incredible health benefits of CBD, but you don’t know what to believe? 

Then you’re in the right place.

When we considered trying CBD oil for the first time, we were pretty nervous. There is a lot of misinformation out there and we didn’t know what to think about it.

Since then, we have done our research and had all of our questions answered, and so we’d like to share those with you. Here are the biggest questions our customers had before they tried CBD oil for the first time:

Is CBD oil safe?

The short answer is yes, CBD oil does not have anything that will cause harm or damage. Studies have even shown that the use of CBD oil may even be safer than other more common health options. Other non-profit organizations like also suggest that it may be safer than more mainstream solutions.

However, because CBD oil is rising quickly in popularity, there are many types of products and options out there. Because of this, not all CBD oil may be completely safe.

Here are some tips on what to look for to know that the product is quality and can be trusted:

  • Organic
  • Comes from hemp oil or hemp extract
  • Made in the USA or another country with quality manufacturing practices
  • It does not contain any “synthetics”
  • The label ingredients are simple to read

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, the use of CBD oil is legal. President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill at the end of 2018 to allow farmers to grow hemp legally and companies to produce CBD oil products as long as it is from the hemp plant.

Could CBD oil “get me high?”

No, CBD oil will not get you high, as long as it’s coming from hemp and not marijuana. This is a common concern for men and women who do not use recreational drugs and who are new to CBD oil. In fact, experiments in 2016 from the University of Kentucky concluded that using CBD oil can have long-lasting therapeutic effects without any psychoactive side-effects.

The reason most people think they might get high? Because CBD oil and marijuana can both come from the same plant: the cannabis plant.  

Even though both hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, there is one key difference between them: a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

THC is the chemical in marijuana, but it is nearly non-existent in hemp. Hemp is what is often used to make CBD oil, not marijuana.

A great example to explain hemp versus marijuana comes from Aaron Cadena, creator of With this diagram, he compares cannabis to citrus. Just like a lemon is a sour citrus fruit and an orange is not, marijuana is psychoactive cannabis but hemp is not. The way that we group sour (lemons) and sweet (oranges) citrus fruits is the same way we can group psychoactive (marijuana) and non-psychoactive (hemp) cannabis.

The best way to know that the CBD oil you choose is not going to get you high is to make sure that it is CBD oil from the hemp plant or hemp extract. All hemp plant CBD oils are required by law to have less than 0.3% THC in the oil, which means there will not be any psychoactive effect.

Is CBD oil against Christianity?

This is a very common question for Christians, and we asked ourselves the same thing before we first tried CBD oil. It is something that any Christian will have to decide for themselves.

Fortunately, there are a few reasons why we feel that CBD oil does not violate our commitment to Christianity. Here are the two main reasons why:

#1. Cannabis in the Bible: Many Christian scholars and ancient historians have understood for decades now that cannabis was known by a different name at the time:  “Kaneh Bosm” 

“Kaneh Bosm” is the ancient Hebrew term for cannabis. It is also referenced in the Old Testament five times in different books. It was used by Hebrew kings and priests in various ceremonies, as well as a medicinal herb by many who practiced the art of healing.

#2. We believe that The Lord created plants to provide all kinds of benefits, and that we should use them correctly. The benefits we have seen from CBD oil are in line with this Christian value.

Will CBD oil affect a standard drug test?

A few popular health and wellness sites mention that CBD oil making you fail a drug test is very rare, but still statistically possible. This is due to certain compounds like THC still being present in CBD oil, even if it’s under the 0.3% required maximum amount. IF your life depends on passing a random drug test, then you probably want to be as safe as possible, even if the likelihood is incredibly rare.

What are the REAL benefits of CBD?

Unfortunately, the United States Federal Drug Administration does not allow any CBD oil company to state the benefits of CBD oil. There are many testimonials that could be shared by those who have used CBD oil products for specific benefits. However, this is not permitted by current federal law. We recommend that you try CBD oil for 2-4 weeks to see what difference you see in your own life.

The only reference that we feel comfortable making while repecting the law is to review the research summary from the National Academies of Sciences. Their report outlines the benefits of CBD oils based on how much research there is to support each potential benefit.