Desert Calm

“40 Years Of Throbbing Aches And Constant Stiffness…Erased In 9 Minutes.”

How A Devastating Hit-And-Run Led Me On A Journey To Discover the root cause of daily discomfort…

And the soothing “Twin Nutrient” That Modern Day Research Is Declaring 30X More Powerful Than Aspirin…

We’re getting you to the hospital as fast as we can!”

You can imagine how I felt when I heard those words after waking up in the back of an ambulance, disoriented… afraid… and suffering from unbelievable pain coursing through my legs and up into my neck.

I could hear the sirens blaring outside and my gurney was getting tossed around as we flew into town at breakneck speed.

If you were there next to me in the back of that ambulance, you would be wondering if I was going to make it… and how I survived in the first place.

The Paramedic was asking me questions about my family, who were two hours away. But even though he was right next to me, I couldn’t see him at all…

My eyes were swollen in pain and stuffed full of rocks and gravel that I had slid across after being hit.

I could feel something running down my face, and I tried to wipe it.

My face was bloodied with torn skin and a bottom lip nearly ripped in half.

But I quickly learned that what I was trying to wipe away wasn’t blood… but bugs that had been crawling all over my face after being left for dead in the ditch for so long.

As I reached up to wipe them away, and realized that skin that had been torn from my face, and ants had been crawling across my broken body, a wave of shock dove deep into my heart, and fear had gripped my mind…

  • “My future career in modeling would never happen now.”
  • “Am I going to be able to walk after this?
  • “Am I even going to survive?”

The hope of someday marrying the love of my life, and becoming a mother, raising children that I would love with all my heart, was leaving me.

But in that moment, I was overcome with a deep gratitude. Gratitude to my God that I was still alive.

And looking back to that day, I can tell you now that I am even more grateful that this happened to me.

Because that near-fatal accident led me on a journey to accidentally discovering the modern day breakthrough that will change how you and I deal with daily back, neck, and joint discomfort.

A breakthrough that has given me a life free of constant stiffness and throbbing discomfort.

Hi, My name is Esther, a 61 year old grandmother from Arizona. And I can assure you this breakthrough is unlike anything you’ve heard of before. I’m sure you’ve been told, just like I have, that your options for finding a solution are pretty limited. They may even be a little dangerous and very expensive.

Things like:

  • Dangerous and
    expensive surgeries
  • Cortisone shots or
    anti-inflammatory drugs with a laundry list of side effects
  • Or a lifetime of swallowing horse pills everyday.

But this surprising accidental discovery is nothing like those dead ends…

In fact, university researchers from the University of Guelph, a top university in Toronto, are declaring that this could be 30x stronger at reducing discomfort than aspirin. 1

Their research was even published in the highly respected medical journal, Phytochemistry, just a few months ago.

Other researchers from prestigious universities in London, Germany, and Italy are also announcing its powerful properties.

Heck, even some celebrities and pro athletes have begun using it, including Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, and even pro golfer Bubba Watson.

And if you’re thinking this is too good to be true, or that it’s just some Hollywood secret that only stars can pay for, well… you’re not the first to have those thoughts.

But the good news is you don’t just have to take my word for it!

Just ask Brenda, who has used this discovery for months now with continued positive results.

Or Robert, who started playing golf again 3 times a week after his back and knee discomfort were under control.

Or Amelia, who is so grateful because… it gave her son’s life back.

What is it then that is getting these people such life-changing results?

The solution that targets the little-known “two-faced hormone” harassing your body with debilitating discomfort as you age.

And you’ll never believe it… but this “two-faced hormone” is actually supposed to heal your body…. Not harm it!

Don’t worry though. The discovery I’m talking about gets your “two-faced hormone” back on track to doing what it’s supposed to be doing… And you will see just how powerful it is once you try it, just like thousands of others have.

Even if the discomfort you’re feeling is overwhelming that you don’t want to get out of bed…

Or that you don’t even want to try and sleep at night because you already know that you won’t be sleeping…

Or if you’ve been told that it’s something you’re just going to have to deal with because of your health.

And even if you’re telling yourself right now that you’ve tried everything… and nothing has worked so far.

Just stay with me here.

Because I’ve been there, and now I feel free from the excruciating back, neck, muscle and joint discomfort that kept me from doing the things I loved for decades.

But before I get too carried away with excitement, let me jump back to how it all started…

That fateful moment 44 years ago, when my fragile body hit the cold, rough pavement and skidded into a ditch to be left for dead…

I was only 16 years old, attending modeling school in Denver and working at a local diner to support myself.

I remember a clear evening sky with the sun nearly behind the mountains and a mild breeze that made the bike ride just a bit chilly.

But the evening was suddenly interrupted.

As I came over a hill on my bike, I saw headlights behind me.

I quickly turned around to make sure I was safe,

But in an instant, I knew that I was not…

That there was no way out of what was about to happen.

At the same time I heard the deafening sounds of screeching brakes, I was immediately tossed through the air and into a brush-filled ditch.

All I remember was glancing over my shoulder to see the blinding lights from behind me, then feeling weightless as I flew through the air after impact,

and then… darkness.

No memory at all until I woke up in the ambulance with the Paramedic yelling at me to wake me up.

I felt pain pulsing throughout my body while he was trying to tell me the unthinkable had happened:

I had been hit on my bike from
behind by a car that fled the scene.

They never waited…

They never checked to see how they could help.

Instead, I was found in a ditch by a woman who was driving by and miraculously saw my disfigured leg sticking out of the ditch.

I landed on my face and skid across the asphalt and gravel after flying through the air, my eyelids were stuffed with rocks.

In fact, the road had torn the skin off the right side of my face and my bottom lip was completely torn.

Needless to say, talking was also almost impossible from all the excruciating pain I was feeling.

It took me a little while in the back of the ambulance to accept what was happening.

But once I did, fear and even anger began to set in.

I was never going to model after this! The career I had been working for was over.

What was I going to do after this?
What lifelong injuries will I carry with me now?
Even though I was still alive, my life had been taken away from me at that moment.

And I learned later on that if I hadn’t been found by that woman, I probably wouldn’t have made it out of that ditch alive…

Now I know that the story is a bit frightening, and you’re probably wondering if they ever found the guy that hit me, but I share my experience with you that happened over 40 years ago because it led me to begin a lifelong search for answers…

And honestly, I look back at that moment and thank the Lord for not only keeping me alive, but letting me have that experience.

It has led me to become who I am today. And because of it, I spent my entire life searching for answers to improve my health.

For decades after my accident, my life was devastated by the lasting effects… especially once I got into my 40s.

You know what I’m talking about: you have to live with the same unwanted daily companion like I do as you age just a little more each day.

That companion I’m talking about?

Daily, Debilitating Discomfort

I’m talking about all the stiffness and discomfort from your back, your neck, your hips, your joints, muscle discomfort when you sleep, headaches when you wake up… the list goes on.

I listened to my doctors as best I could, as I’m sure you do as well.

But I noticed three endless patterns with every piece of advice they gave:

  • My bills
    went up
  • My visits
  • My discomfort didn’t go away. In fact, it often got WORSE.

You may be shaking your head right now because you’ve been here. Maybe you’re seeing this happen to you or someone you love.

And in fact, for me, the daily discomfort didn’t just get worse, but every other part of my life was affected by it.

  • Trips in the car to visit my children and grandchildren were unbearable.
  • Every night was spent restlessly rolling around trying to sleep.
  • And every day I just felt exhausted and miserable at work.

Then one day, it became so unbearable that it felt like my world was falling apart.

One Saturday I went to a yoga class that I had been to many times before.

It was a very basic beginners yoga class, nothing very difficult and nothing that I hadn’t done before countless times.

But this time was different… All of a sudden I felt such intense, excruciating discomfort.

So much that I almost couldn’t even walk!

I felt throbbing, almost paralyzing discomfort that instantly spread throughout my neck, hips and back…

In fact, I had to fight the tears back as I walked out of the studio because I felt ashamed of myself for having to quit over the simplest, most relaxing thing…

But I wasn’t doing a good job keeping in those tears. They started flowing and I felt completely inadequate.

It just seemed like my mobility was less and less every day. That’s what happens to us when we age, right?
We feel like we are losing who we are…

As my body felt like it was deteriorating and I felt more and more daily pain, I knew I had to do something.

I had already been taking drastic steps to find a solution,
but nothing seemed to really work for me as a long-term answer:

  • I tried expensive and at times painful cortisone shots.
  • I tried chiropractic care for a very long time.
  • I even tried some eastern medicine solutions like acupuncture.

I knew that something had to change, or I was going to be facing daily crippling pain for the rest of my life.

Of course, everything did change… less than a week after I crumpled to the ground in tears like a broken marionette in the yoga studio.

All of this attention to look under every rock and seek answers from every nook and cranny, prepared me for one shocking run-in at the unlikeliest of places…

A vegetable stand.

What? A vegetable stand?

Yep, just a farmer’s little vegetable stop.

As I slowly walked up to the stand, hiding my intense pain from the world, secretly leaning on my husband for support, a man who looked right around 70 caught my eye.

I hadn’t seen him here before, and I had been to this stand a dozen times.

But he looked very comfortable for his age, which was pretty rare to be honest.

Living in snowbird country Arizona means you see a lot of people in their 60s, 70s and even 80’s that look like they’re wincing or holding back groans with every movement they make, or they’re hunched over with a cane as they walk.

This gray-haired man seemed a bit odd, with a bit of a twinkle in his eye. But something told me that we should talk to him…

My husband and I introduced ourselves to him, and he began to tell us his own heart-wrenching story…

How his wife had suffered from cancer for years, & that he had been searching with her for everything they could get their hands on to help overcome the brutal discomfort she lived with every day.

He eventually discovered something that changed his life…

An Ancient Oil That Seemed To
Neutralize The Crippling Daily Discomfort

Unfortunately, it was too late for his lovely wife… for she had recently passed away.

How he wished that he had known more about this Ancient Oil before to see if it could have helped her with her debilitating daily discomfort.

But what he learned from his search was that not all hope was lost. Other men and women could also benefit from this same Ancient Oil.

So he set out to share his knowledge with folks like me, who were in desperate need of a solution.

I was nervous about trying out this Ancient Oil, to be honest…

But the fact that he mentioned it was an All-Natural solution helped me feel a little better. And he also told me about the dozens of men and women that had felt incredible, lasting results from it.

Geeze, I must have paced for almost an hour around the fruits and veggies trying to decide what to do…

After thinking through the risks and the potential benefits for all that time, something inside me told me to do it.

No, it wasn’t the Holy Spirit or anything like that…

It was the throbbing discomfort that had been shooting up my spine and into my neck after walking around all that time

My body was screaming at me, and that’s when I realized…

I have nothing to lose.

When you’re feeling miserable nearly every day… you can’t sit, or stand, or move or even lay down without wanting to cry or give up on everything… it’s like your life has been taken away from you.

And that’s how I felt. So I decided then… Why not give this weird Ancient Oil a try?

And I took a bottle of his oil home with me.

That night, I used it right before bed…

You see, the daily discomfort I experienced always kept me up at night…

Heck, I was lucky if I could sleep even three hours without waking up and rolling around until morning trying to get rid of it!

You know how that goes, right? Those parts of your body that seem to nag at you throughout the day, the areas where you feel extra stiffness and discomfort nearly every night.

And it’s always RIGHT before you’re ready to lay down and try your best to drift peacefully into dreamland.

So praying that this Ancient Oil might help even a little, I placed several drops on the area of my neck and back where I felt the most stiffness and discomfort.

Now part of me felt a little silly…

Here I am, rubbing this Ancient Oil on my body that I got from a 70 year old man that I had never met before, at a little rundown vegetable stand.

An Oil that I had only heard about a couple times before.

And frankly, I was a little scared of…

Not only that, but I also felt a little taken advantage of because I was desperate for it to work.

I really didn’t expect anything to come of it. So many times I had tried a new solution that would promise soothing relief to my daily discomfort… and nothing had worked.

So yes, I did feel a little silly, and even embarrassed.

But all of that went away after about 9 minutes…

Shortly after rubbing this Ancient Oil where I felt the most stiffness and discomfort, I felt… calm.

Like my body was loose and flexible.

As if the stiffness was soothed away!

And that I was finally free from the prison of daily torture of throbbing discomfort.

At That Moment, I Felt
Just A Little Bit Of Hope.

Hope that I was going to hold on to.

Sure, I was still a little skeptical. I had tried supposed “solutions” before that provided an immediate answer, but it would only last for a short while.

Then I would quickly be on my way back to how miserable I felt before.

But this… felt a little different. Like maybe this was a step back to doing the things that I loved.

Things like romping around the living room floor with my grandchildren…

  • OR picking up my karate classes again, which I had stopped doing years before because I simply couldn’t handle the overwhelming discomfort.
  • OR going on short hikes with my patient husband, finally enjoying the time together that we enjoyed when we were younger, holding hands and walking through the desert hills.

That night, I slept better than I had in years.

When I woke up, I flew through the morning energized as I got ready for the day without giving a second thought about back and neck stiffness. The moment I leaned in to get in my car for work, it hit me…

I didn’t feel any throbbing or aches like I did before!

So that oil… it worked?

I was ecstatic, and honestly pretty confused too. So I drove to work wondering over and over…

How in the heck does this Ancient Oil work so well at calming my neck, soothing my back and rescuing my joints… when nothing else seemed to do the trick!?

So immediately after work, I raced home and began my research, just as I had done so many times before when I heard about some “miracle cure” for what I was going through…

What I discovered was absolutely astounding…

Hours into my research, diving deep into medical journals and studies from all kinds of major universities, I read about a mysterious pair of “Twin Supernutrients” discovered in 1986 that were found in the same plant used for this calming Ancient Oil.2

And what’s even crazier… It’s the only plant on Earth that contains these “Twin Supernutrients,” called Cannflavin A and Cannflavin B!

When I read that, I knew… this had to be the secret to this Ancient Oil! It must be why the Oil could bring me so much daily soothing relief even when I had tried everything to find peace.

That gave me the motivation I needed to continue my research…

So I read everything I could get my hands on about these “Twin Supernutrients”

I spoke with biochemistry experts…

I chatted with friends who I knew had worked in the health industry for years…

I spent hours online trying to uncover the connection between the daily discomfort I had suffered from for over 40 years… and how these “Twin Supernutrients” were able to set me free in a matter of minutes.

Finally, after feeling Iike I had run out of options,
I read a study that would change how I look at
my daily discomfort forever…

I’m sure you’ve heard before that the source of your discomfort is likely caused by your body’s unhealthy inflammatory response.3

A healthy inflammatory response happens when your body’s immune system effectively springs into action when something is wrong.

A cut, a sprain, an infection, bad bacteria…

You may even know about how white blood cells rush to the scene whenever there is an infection, injury, or illness.

But what you may not know about is this little guy that I like to call “The Two-Faced Hormone.”

A substance your cells produce to protect your body when it needs repairs done, especially for your muscles and your joints.4

According to Swiss medical researchers in 2009, this “Two-Faced Hormone” called Prostaglandin E2 is known to be key in many other biological functions, such as regulation of immune responses, blood pressure, digestion, and even fertility.5

Clearly, it serves some very important purposes.

But what happens if it isn’t doing its job right? What if it’s getting produced a little too much?

The Swiss medical researchers concluded that, when your body is producing too much Prostaglandin E2, it has been associated with severe health conditions…5

And could even be the cause of the debilitating daily discomfort that you’re experiencing!

Not only that, scientific research from the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania confirmed that Prostaglandin E2 can exert both “pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses…” 4

So clearly, you need Prostaglandin E2 to show up and do its job, but you also need to make sure that once the job is done, it isn’t causing the discomfort that you’re already feeling!

So how then can you make sure that your body is producing the right amounts?

This mystery went unsolved… until a discovery made in the last few years, by researchers from Germany and Italy.

Simply put:
These “Twin Supernutrients” target the creation of Prostaglandin E2 at the source! 6

They don’t keep your body from producing your helpful Prostaglandin E2 though… Instead they just focus on making sure it doesn’t hang out too long and cause all the discomfort and stiffness that you’re feeling.

It was these two “Twin Supernutrients,” Cannflavins A and B, that were described to have a profound effect on daily discomfort by dozens of researchers.

Something that I dealt with constantly.

Studies have shown time and again that this Ancient Oil will have long-lasting, calming effects on your body where you experience the most debilitating discomfort.7

Here’s the deal though. The plant where these powerful “Twin Supernutrients” come from has been supremely important for years… maybe even centuries and millennia…

So Important…
That This Plant Is Mentioned In The Bible.

Wait, the source of these “Twin Supernutrients” is discussed in… The Bible?!?!

That’s right.

Many Christian scholars and ancient historians have discussed how this incredible plant was known as “Kaneh Bosm.”

“Kaneh Bosm” is this plant’s ancient Hebrew name and it is referenced in the Old Testament five times in different books.

It was used by Hebrew kings and priests in various ceremonies, as well as a medicinal herb by many who practiced the art of healing.

Even The Lord refers to “Kaneh Bosm” in Exodus, talking to Moses about his sacred anointing oil.

Clearly, the oil from “Kaneh Bosm” was something special to be used by his chosen people.

And just like we use herbal tea for a sore throat…

Or essential oils for a stuffy nose…

We can use it the way that God intended:

For soothing relief as we age.

Not only has the Bible told of its incredible benefits for millennia, but modern day science has also caught on…

Even the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have identified “conclusive or substantial evidence” that it is effective for the treatment for daily discomfort for men and women.8

Here’s the thing… I’m sure you’ve even heard of this Ancient Oil before…

I’m talking about Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, which comes from the Hemp plant.

I’ll even guess that you too, just like me about a year ago, have very strong opinions of what it is… But what I’m about to tell you is that the CBD oil that you have already heard about is not the same Ancient Oil that I’ve shared with you today…


Because 95% Of CBD Oil Being Sold
Today Is Dangerous Or Useless
“Counterfeit” CBD Oil!

In fact, there are three big CBD lies that many people use to trick you into buying their “counterfeit” CBD oil, or that might even do harm to your body.

You see when I met the man at my local vegetable stand, he introduced me to CBD oil. But even he didn’t know what I learned shortly after our visit.

The CBD oil that I first purchased fortunately wasn’t “empty” CBD oil. But it was definitely missing a lot of the crucial “Twin Supernutrients” that my body needed.

It definitely helped soothe my daily discomfort some… but I didn’t realize until months later that I was only feeling about 10% of the benefits!

That’s when I learned from experience how it feels when you’re getting lower quality CBD oil.

And that’s the problem:
Most CBD oils being sold today are “counterfeit” CBD oil: oil that doesn’t have those powerful “Twin Supernutrients,” Cannflavins A and B… 9

Or that contain so little of the “Twin Supernutrients,” they don’t experience the soothing benefits!

Let me tell you about all three of those big lies I just mentioned, and how you can AVOID:

  • 1Paying too much for
    useless, “empty” CBD…
  • 2Falling for the
    “absorption” myth…
  • 3Buying some of the
    dreaded “synthetic oils”…

Big Lie #1:
“Empty” CBD.

Let’s start with the lie that I’ll bet 95% of people fall for when they get their own CBD oil.

It’s the same one I fell for when I first tried it…

You now know that you need CBD in your daily life. But not just any CBD will work…

“Empty” CBD oil is over-processed oil that removes the lifeblood from the oil before you can use it for its life-improving benefits.

The biggest benefits come from those soothing “Twin Supernutrients” that I love so much: Cannflavins A and B.

In order to keep the “Twin Supernutrients” in CBD oil, the Hemp plant must go through a careful manufacturing process so that you can feel the benefits day in and day out.

Here’s the problem:

Many CBD oils are “empty” without even telling you.

Since it’s “technically” still CBD oil, these companies get away with it.

Their manufacturing or harvesting process will use high temperatures that commonly burn out our soothing “Twin Molecule” friends.

  • And after that, all that’s left is an “empty” version of CBD oil.
  • And it’s going to be a big disappointment.
  • And sometimes… the “Empty” CBD Oil hardly has any CBD oil at all!

Just a bunch of fillers.

When you buy “Empty” CBD oil you’re basically throwing your money out the window.

That’s why you gotta stick with me though.

Because I got a little secret about how you can tell how to avoid these tricksters that I’ll tell you about in just a minute.

Big Lie #2:
The “Absorption Myth”

There are many CBD oil products out there and it… can be overwhelming.

A lot of them use fancy words like

  • “10x Bioavailability”
  • Or “nanoparticulation”
  • Or even “proprietary delivery methods”

There is a lot of research being done out there.

And while there are a lot of interesting finds out there, the truth of the matter is… it’s all still new.

While there is a possibility that these fancy words could improve CBD oil delivery… It’s more likely that these are just big fancy marketing words that are being used to charge you more for a product that may not even do what they say it does.

However, there is one component that the majority of the scientific community can agree on: in order to get the highest quality CBD oil, you need “Full Spectrum” CBD oil.

“Full Spectrum” means that the CBD oil has not been overly processed. Instead, the oil still contains all the natural nutrients in the oil.

Remember our “Twin Supernutrient” friends, Cannflavin A and B?

Well they are not the only nutrients in CBD oil that support your body in overcoming daily stiffness and discomfort.

There are actually dozens of other beneficial phytonutrients that can also help these “Twin Supernutrients” in providing calm relief.

Scientific research presented in the British Journal of Pharmacology has proven that leaving all of these phytonutrients together in the oil actually makes the benefits of CBD oil stronger… 10

Like a bunch of heroic superfriends teaming up together to help you overcome daily discomfort.

This teaming-up of all these nutrients is known by researchers as The Entourage Effect, which is what you really want from your CBD oil.

So don’t worry too much about all the big fancy words used to sell you on the “Absorption Myth.” Just make sure your CBD oil is Full Spectrum CBD oil and you’ll be able to feel the full benefits of CBD.

And now for the final big lie that some companies use to pull the wool over your eyes.

And this one’s the most dangerous…

Big Lie #3:
“Synthetic CBD”

We don’t need to spend too much time on this one. But I do want to make sure you know not to fall for something that isn’t organically grown.

Getting this wrong could have drastic effects and I don’t want you to get hurt.

Here’s just one tragic example of what terrible things can happen if you try something that isn’t organically grown…

Just last year, 2 people lost their lives and over 50 other men and women suffered from severe bleeding from the use of synthetic cannabis products.

The cause? The products they used showed levels of brodifacoum, also known as rat poison.


This isn’t the only time “synthetic CBD” and other related products have caused terrible harm. It’s just too risky right now to even consider something other than full spectrum, organic CBD oil.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of research being done right now that could make “synthetic CBD” oil a very valuable oil in your cabinets someday.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t mess with “synthetic CBD” today…

At least not until we have a few years more research so that you can easily tell the difference between the quality and the fakes.

I’m glad you know these three big lies now, because most people aren’t as lucky when they begin learning about CBD oil. I sure wasn’t, and I don’t ever want you to fall for these Big CBD Lies.

But now that you know about these lies, you’re probably asking yourself…

What CBD Oil Can I Trust?

After looking in every store in town for something that we could trust, and researching online like crazy, we just couldn’t feel comfortable that the products out there met our high standards.

It was so frustrating… it seems like there were hundreds of CBD oil options out there, but now I knew that I just couldn’t trust a single one.

From my research though, I knew that if it was possible for my husband and I to work with farmers and scientists that we trusted, then it made the most sense to make our own!

What a blessing it was then that we found something fantastic while we were in the middle of our CBD oil research: my old hometown of Pueblo, Colorado, was the capital of quality-grown hemp plants that are used to produce CBD!

Call it fate, but after a conversation with my brother about our vision for a true, high-quality CBD oil solution, he introduced me to one of his friends who grew his own Hemp plants.

This friend also managed his own lab and facility. And As a plant scientist, he could also completely protect the process of making high-quality CBD oil… from seed, to plant, to oil, and to bottle.

My husband and I knew this was the perfect opportunity for us to not only get the CBD oil that we personally trusted using ourselves…

But also trust it enough to give it to our family members too.

With everything we learned, we knew that there was only one name we could give it that would represent that highest quality of CBD oil with all the superstar nutrients that it had.

We call it… the
Essential CBD Oil Roll-On.

And here at Desert Calm Wellness, in our little family and friends-run business, we are excited for others to feel the same benefits that our aging bodies have felt from it.

From our research, the most important thing we could do with the Essential CBD Roll-On is make sure it has the most amount of these “Twin Supernutrients” that you’re going to find… anywhere.

That’s because we use a special, exclusive process called “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” to make the CBD oil that goes into our Essential CBD Roll-On.

The unique “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” process not only keeps all of the “Twin Supernutrients” in the oil…

It’s also the most environmentally friendly solution out there today.

This is MUCH different from what is commonly used in the manufacturing process…

ETHANOL “winterization.”

Yep, the same stuff that is getting added to fuel for cars and trucks these days is also commonly used to dissolve CBD oils and then freeze in a big old freezer.

That can’t be healthy, right?

We never let ethanol touch our products, and we recommend you never let any ethanol-processed CBD products find their way into your body.

Or you’ll be missing out on the “Twin Supernutrients” and other nutrients that really help your body find relief.

Once you get your Essential CBD Roll-On in the mail, using it is as simple as taking off the cap and firmly pressing the roller onto the skin wherever you’re experiencing discomfort:

  • Your shoulders
  • Your back & neck
  • Your knees,
  • Or even your feet.

Then just gently rub the oil into your skin.

You might be wondering… “But don’t I have to swallow it to get the benefits?”

Not at all. A recent study from the University of Kentucky shows that there are long-lasting effects of CBD just by applying it through your skin! 11

Just rub it on and you’re good to go.

Plus the Essential CBD Roll-On is:

  • 100%
  • Grown & Made in the USA
  • Independently tested by a 3rd party lab
  • Completely Safe & Legal.

No need to worry about rubbing harmful pesticides onto your skin or accidentally buying dangerous “synthetic CBD” like I mentioned before…

So… You’ve heard my story, but now I have a question for you…

Are You Ready To Begin Your
Own Path To Soothing, Daily Relief?

Just imagine…

Tonight as you prepare for bed, instead of dreading sleep because you can already feel the aching stiffness throughout your back and neck…

You take 30 seconds to gently press your bottle of Essential CBD Roll-On to your skin, rub in the calming oil, then wash your face and brush your teeth…

And when it’s time to hop into bed, the throbbing discomfort that you were expecting has been soothed away.

You wake up tomorrow morning feeling happy and rested, better than you have in years… because you got a full night of peaceful, satisfying sleep…

You didn’t have to toss and turn endlessly just to fall asleep like you have for as long as you can remember.

You take another 30 seconds to rub your Essential CBD Roll-On in the trouble spots that constantly interrupted your life before.

When you wake up, you realize that you’re not dreading your day… You’re not wondering how you’re going to survive without breaking down in tears…

Instead, you see that it is full of hope and possibility. You think about all the things that you used to do before the constant, unbearable discomfort disrupted your life… And now you believe that you can finally enjoy life again.

Your work day is satisfying because you are not limited by the constant throbbing and aching as you sit at your desk and walk around your workplace.

Your time with your beloved spouse is full of joy again because you can go for a walk with them, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes without grimacing from the sudden, intense discomfort shooting through your lower back.

And you’re excited about your weekend again… You’re going to spend your day gardening or golfing, and that evening you get to enjoy playing on your hands and knees with your grandkids because you’re not hiding in the kitchen like you did before, trying to stretch out the miserable discomfort you used to feel in your joints and back.

This renewed life is available to
you today through the power of our
Essential CBD Roll-On.

The Essential CBD Roll-On has become our pride and joy and we can’t wait to share it with you. It is truly an incredible product, and I’m sure you can tell that we didn’t cut any corners.

The Essential CBD Roll-On uses only Full spectrum CBD oil, and like I said before… Full Spectrum isn’t just one of those fancy words like all the “absorption myth” claims.

Full spectrum is backed by research from scholars in the US12, the UK13, and Luxembourg14. It means you’re getting ALL of the quality supernutrients in CBD oil. Together they team up like a group of superheroes to create the Entourage Effect and provide your body with the soothing relief it deserves.

Our hemp crops also follow strictly organic requirements; we never use any pesticides on our plants and they are all grown in the USA.

Finally, because our plants go through that unique “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” process I mentioned, you won’t lose the valuable supernutrients that are only found in the hemp plant used to make CBD oil.

You can rest assured that, because the entire process is carefully monitored, from seed to plant to oil, Essential CBD Roll-On is the highest quality CBD oil you’ll find.

All Natural, Safe And Effective
Ingredients Matrix

But we didn’t just stop there…

My years of experience from working with essential oils taught me that essential oil blends can be a powerful tool in calming and relaxing the body too.

What if we could add some of the most relaxing, powerful oils into the Essential CBD Roll-On?

After weeks of testing, we found the perfect balance that boosts the Essential CBD Roll-On’s soothing effects.

We carefully selected the best essential oils that aid in relaxation, discomfort and stiffness:



This oil has been studied for its effects on your body’s healthy response to inflammation.15



Many have used this essential oil to improve lack of sleep as well as providing their muscles and joints with soothing relief.



Traditionally used to help the body support tissue regeneration, studies have also shown this oil to contain powerful antifungal properties.16

And just like our CBD oil, each essential oil that we use in Essential CBD Roll-On is All Organic.

Other CBD oils out there are going to cut corners and fall short of our quality standards. We commit to you that every product you receive from Desert Calm Wellness is something that we use in our home, and with all of our family members.

You’re probably wondering though… if this is so high-quality, and if it works so well, how much is this going to cost me today?

And that’s usually true… if you want the best stuff on the market, it’s almost always the most expensive product out there.

Since the Essential CBD Roll-On is All Organic, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and even includes three additional essential oils… it’s gotta be expensive, right?

Well do we have a surprise for you…

I do, however, want to make this decision on you as easy as possible. Our standard price for the Desert Calm Essential CBD Roll-On is $79.95

But… If you’re ready today to find daily, soothing relief with your very own bottle of Essential CBD Roll-On, click your preferred option below and I’ll give it to you for $67 or less, just for listening to my story.

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Let’s face it… You have probably spent a fortune on different solutions for the daily discomfort you’ve felt. I would know because they’re the same things I’ve tried.

Just consider…

It costs up to $300 for a single, painful cortisone shot… 18

You might also be paying $65 every week for a visit to the chiropractor… 17

And arthroscopic knee surgery would normally cost you over $5000… 19

Not to mention the risk of long-term cartilage or nerve damage from cortisone shots, or even the risk and recovery time from surgery!

The good news is that you now have a great, alternative
solution that requires nothing more than:

  • Step 1

    Applying an oil to the muscle or joint where you are seeking relief

  • Step 2

    Massaging the
    oil into the skin

  • Step 3

    And waiting to feel the calming benefits.

For me, the Essential CBD Roll-On became so valuable, I could now let go of what I tried before, and embrace soothing relief that I wasn’t finding anywhere else before.

Suddenly, all those extra bills went away.

But I want to make sure you are 100% confident in the decision you’re making today. So I’ll make you another promise:

If for some reason you find that you don’t absolutely LOVE what the Essential CBD Roll-On is doing for you and your body, just send me a message and I will personally see that you get your money back in no time flat.

Just send us back your bottles of Essential CBD Roll-On, and we’ll give you every penny back.

Heck, even if the bottles are completely empty because you gave it your best shot, we’ll give you your money back. Even if it’s 3 months down the road, you’ll still get our 90-day Calm Refund Guarantee.

No bickering, no arguing… we’ll just send you your money back with a kind thank you for trying the Essential CBD Roll-On.

I’ll bet you didn’t get your money back from all those other supposed “solutions” you tried before, did you? Neither did I.

You won’t have to worry about that anymore though… In such a short amount of time, you’ll feel the benefits of the Essential CBD Roll-On for yourself. Just click below and I’ll personally send you your very own bottles.

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Once you make the wise decision to click, you’ll see an order form page that will collect the information we need to process your order.

Please rest assured that we take your personal information very seriously.

Our order form is completely secured with state-of-the-art privacy technology and we will NEVER sell your information.

There’s Just One
More Thing…

Now I know that you’re absolutely going to love how the Essential CBD Roll-On makes you feel and how you can enjoy each day feeling younger than you did before.

But there’s just one little problem; I don’t know how much we’re going to have available.

We are just a small family business run by us and our closest, dearest friends, and we are doing our very best to send orders to everyone that is asking, but our stock is very limited.

I hope that we have enough to send to everyone, but I wouldn’t recommend waiting…

We only have a limited supply and we’ll do our best to keep it on the shelves, but it’s probably best that you get yours today so you don’t come back here tomorrow and see that we’re all sold out.

You’re looking for relief from the nagging daily discomfort as soon as possible. We don’t want you to have to wait weeks or even months to feel the benefits of the Essential CBD Roll-On. Not taking action today means you could instead be spending more of your hard-earned dollars on supposed “solutions” that haven’t worked for you (or me) in the past.

You might find yourself still treading water months from now, without a solution in sight. I don’t want to see you like that.

Right now you have one big choice to make, and two possible outcomes.

You can continue to go down the path that you’re already on…

Which is likely full of constant stiffness, aches and throbbing discomfort in different parts of your body.

You might still be struggling to find ways to sleep through the night because the discomfort just won’t go away.

Rolling around in bed and waking up your spouse through the night, only to both wake up in the morning exhausted and feeling the weight of another stressful day full of the same discomfort you felt all night.

Staying on this path could mean months or even years trying to find something that will actually work that doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And all that time searching, you’ll still be experiencing that same discomfort you’re experiencing now…

The same discomfort that I went through for years.

OR… you could choose a new path, and try the Essential CBD Roll-On Risk-Free today…

Just a few days from now, you could be experiencing the same soothing relief that I felt when I first started using it and that I still feel each time I use it.

You’ll fall asleep soundly, with no interruptions through the night from the discomfort you used to feel…

The next day, you and your spouse will both wake up, energetic and prepared to live free of discomfort.

You smile at each other, no longer holding back a frown caused by the stiffness in your neck, or the throbbing in your knee.

Through daily use, you will finally get back out in your garden… or go on a hike together…. Or simply relax together on your couch without any torturous throbbing in your joints and back.

And when you see your wonderful grandchildren the next day, you squat down, free of discomfort, and open your arms as they run straight to you with beaming smiles on their face.

You hug them and can’t help but smile because you are finally feeling relief from the discomfort you tried to hide before at every family get-together.

You get to choose this new path today.

But I’ll remind you one last time…

While I will guarantee your money back if you don’t see the same results I did, I cannot guarantee that you will have the opportunity to buy tomorrow.

So take the risk-free opportunity to try Essential CBD Roll-On and see how it can improve your daily life, starting today.

Just click the button below for
your very own bottles of Essential CBD Roll-On.

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