Researchers Uncover Soothing “Twin Supernutrient” only found in Hemp oil

Read below to hear the story of a 60 year old grandmother who used to fear it… until she felt the power of massaging this topical hemp oil into her skin every night.

“STAY WITH ME! We’re getting you to the hospital as fast as we can!”

You can imagine how I felt when I heard those words after waking up in the back of an ambulance, disoriented… afraid… and suffering from unbelievable pain coursing through my legs and up into my neck.

I could hear the sirens blaring outside and my gurney was getting tossed around as we flew into town at breakneck speed.

If you were there next to me in the back of that ambulance, you would be wondering if I was going to make it… and how I survived in the first place.

Hi, my name is Esther Mabry, and I was nearly killed in a hit-and-run accident while on my bicycle when I was just 16 years old.

You can imagine how much damage my body took… and the frequent discomfort that I have had to deal with.

You probably feel it too: the throbbing and aching from past injuries, accidents, or just the fact that you’re getting a little older!

Well you’re not alone.

For the last 44 years, my back and neck discomfort from the accident got worse and worse, so much that I fell into a depression. Because every simple task was such a challenge, each day felt almost unbearable.

If it wasn’t for my loving husband, four incredible children, and my beautiful grandchildren, I may not have had as much hope to find a solution.

You see, up until around six months ago, I was still suffering every day, from the moment I woke up to when I tried to fall asleep every night.

It affected every part of my life it seemed:

And it’s not just me… In fact, just a few years ago the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimated that 1 in 2 adults struggle with joint, muscle or bone challenges.

Chances are, you’re experiencing similar discomfort!

But last year, I happened upon a discovery at my local vegetable stand.


It was there that I learned about an oil that contained a “Twin Supernutrient” that you’ve probably never heard of… 

And it changed my life.

I took the oil home, rubbed it onto the parts of my body where I was experiencing the most discomfort. And that’s when I experienced a relief that my back and my neck hadn’t felt in years…

As soon as you hear the name of this oil, you’ll probably already have your own opinions about it…

Let’s be honest, as a Christian grandmother of 4 kids and 6 amazing grandkids, I was honestly pretty nervous.

I’ll share the “twin supernutrient” I’m talking about in just a second. But the oil that contains the “Twin Supernutrient” is something you’ve probably heard of… 

Hemp Oil.

That’s right. Now before you get too worried about this, I want to share with you the biggest questions I had before I decided to try Hemp oil, and the answers that I discovered. 

I was nervous then too, but these answers helped me understand that I had nothing to worry about!

Is Hemp Oil Safe?

Yes! hemp oil does not have anything that will cause harm or damage. Studies and respected health institutions have declared that the use of hemp oil may even be safer than other more common health options. 

However, because hemp oil is rising quickly in popularity, there are many types of products and options out there.

Because of this, not all hemp oil may be completely safe.

Here are some crucial tips to tell if a hemp oil product is quality and can be trusted:

Is Hemp Oil Legal?

Yes, the use of Hemp oil is legal! President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill at the end of 2018 to allow farmers to grow hemp legally and companies to produce Hemp oil products as long as it is from the hemp plant.


Is Hemp Oil Against Christianity?

This is a very common question for Christians, and we asked ourselves the same thing before we first tried hemp oil. It is something that any Christian has to decide for themselves.

Fortunately, there are a few reasons why I feel that hemp oil does not violate my commitment to Christianity. Here are the two main reasons why:

#1. Cannabis in the Bible: Many Christian scholars and ancient historians have understood for decades now that cannabis was known by a different name at the time:  “Kaneh Bosm” 


“Kaneh Bosm” is the ancient Hebrew term for cannabis. It is also referenced in the Old Testament five times in different books. It was used by Hebrew kings and priests in various ceremonies, as well as a medicinal herb by many who practiced the art of healing.

#2. I believe that God created plants to provide all kinds of benefits and that we should use them correctly. The benefits we have seen from hemp oil are in line with this Christian value.

Could Hemp Oil "Get Me High?"

No, hemp oil will not get you high, as long as it’s from real hemp and not from marijuana. This is a common concern for people wondering about hemp. In fact, experiments in 2016 from the University of Kentucky concluded that using hemp oil can have long-lasting therapeutic effects without any psychoactive side-effects.

Quality hemp oil is completely safe. But if you still don’t like the idea of swallowing hemp oil, I have just the answer for you. You don’t have to swallow hemp oil to get the benefits! The same University of Kentucky study also discovered that hemp oil can be massaged into the skin to feel the calming benefits.

And now, probably the biggest question most people have, if it actually does help, is also my biggest warning…

Not Just Any Hemp Oil Will Work.

Even the hemp oils that are organic and made in the USA aren’t a guarantee!

There are many studies that suggest the soothing relief that hemp oil provides, but there’s one small problem with most hemp oils.

And it’s all about the “Twin Supernutrient” I’m talking about today. It’s called Cannflavin A and B.

Cannflavin A and B is really special because of its ability to support your body with the frequent discomfort you’re experiencing.

But what’s even more special… It is only found in the Hemp plant that makes hemp oil!

In fact, there are dozens of other supernutrients that are found in Hemp along with Cannflavin A and B. 

And together, they have helped me overcome the debilitating stiffness and discomfort that I have experienced for most of my life.

But something big happens between harvesting and using the hemp oil bottle. 

Something that affects whether or not you’ll feel the benefits from the “Twin Supernutrient” and the dozens of other supernutrients found in hemp oil.

You see, the problem with most hemp oils is that they get produced using manufacturing techniques that require “ethanol winterization” and extensive heating, which causes the oil to lose its nutrients.

What good is an “empty” hemp oil that has lost most of its supernutrients?

This is why I knew that there had to be a better option for me and my family.

So my husband and I partnered with a family friend that had years of experience in biochemistry. And he even grew his own organic hemp.

We researched hemp plants and hemp oil like crazy to make sure that we could deliver the highest-quality hemp products available.

Finally, after all this work, we’re ready to share it with you…

The Desert Calm Essential Roll-On.

Finally, a trusted, topical hemp oil that is…

Not only that, we also use a highly sophisticated manufacturing process called “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” to produce the hemp oil from hemp.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction means the oil doesn’t get heated up. If we did heat it up, it could mean losing the powerful “Twin Supernutrient” that supports your body to find soothing relief! 

This process makes the Desert Calm Essential Roll-On the finest hemp oil available.

But we wanted to take it one step further…

We made Essential Roll-On even better by adding some of my favorite essential oils to provide additional relaxation and relief:

#1. Peppermint: This calming oil has been studied for its valuable effects on the body’s healthy response to inflammation.

#2. Lavender: Many have used this essential oil to improve lack of sleep as well as providing their muscles and joints with soothing relief.

#3. Lemongrass: Traditionally used to help the body support tissue regeneration, studies have also shown this oil to contain powerful antifungal properties.

We wanted to make it easy for our family members to have access to the best quality of hemp oil. Now you can too.

Still a little worried? Let me help a little bit…

Try the Desert Calm Essential Roll-On today. If you don’t feel results within 90 days, we’ll give you back every penny.

Even if you use the entire bottle and you still don’t feel the muscle and joint discomfort washed away (I’m sure you will), we’ll send your money back.

Just click below to access our 256-bit encrypted and secure order form, place your order, and you’ll soon have the soothing power of quality hemp oil at your door.

As soon as you do, we’ll ship it by the next business day.

Yours In Health,

Esther from Desert Calm Wellness

These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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